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Training - Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) Preparatory Course

The Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) Preparatory Course is a course designed for the student who has background in the design, fabrication and inspection of welding. Upon successfully qualifying and testing to these requirements, the American Welding Society will issue a National Certification that is active for three years. Many of our industries require that an inspector have this certification to perform welding inspection. Having this certification will assist in obtaining employment in this field and will boost one's potential for higher pay. Both day and night class alternatives are available. An accelerated daytime course can be taught for those students who have a limited time period to devote to these studies.

A minimum of ten (10) students is necessary for each class to be taught. The daytime courses will consist of seven nine (9) hour days. The nighttime courses will consist of three (3) to four (4) hour class periods for a total of approximately seventy-hours (70) of lecture and hands-on training. Because of the complexity of teaching multiple code books to different students, Base Line Data, Inc. will only teach the API-1104 code for these examinations. These courses will be taught at least four times a year and the dates, pricing and sign-up can be accessed through the posted schedule. All courses are taught with the student in mind and are designed to give the student exposure to and understanding of the background necessary to pass the examination.

Course Selection for our Night Classes
Course Name Sign Up or
Application Due Date
Start of Class Time End of Class Exam Date Cost
CWI-NIGHT 2014A 12/22/201412/29/2014Mon Thurs pm to 8 pm01/29/201501/31/2015$1475.00
CWI-NIGHT 2015C 02/09/201502/16/2015 Mon Thurs pm to 8 pm 03/19/201503/21/2015$1475.00
CWI-NIGHT 2015E 04/06/201504/13/2015 Mon Thurs pm to 8 pm 05/14/201505/16/2015$1475.00
CWI-NIGHT 2014G 05/18/201505/25/2015 Mon Thurs pm to 8 pm 06/25/201506/27/2015$1475.00
CWI-NIGHT 2014I 06/22/201506/29/2015 Mon Thurs pm to 8 pm 07/30/201508/01/2015$1475.00
CWI-NIGHT 2014K 08/10/201508/24/2015Mon - Thu 5 pm to 8 pm09/18/201509/19/2015$1475.00
CWI-NIGHT 2014K 09/21/201509/28/2015Mon - Fri 5 pm to 8 pm10/29/201510/31/2015$1475.00

**-Indicates tentative date. 



Course Selection for our Daytime Classes
Course Name Sign Up or
Application Due Date
Start of Class Time End of Class Exam Date Cost
CWI-DAY 2015B 12/22/201412/01/2014Mon-Sat 7 AM to 3 PM12/12/201401/31/2015$1750.00
CWI-DAY 2015D 12/22/201401/19/2015Mon-Sat 7 AM to 3 PM01/30/201501/31/2015$1750.00
CWI-DAY 2015F 02/09/201502/02/2015Mon-Sat 7 AM to 3 PM02/13/201503/21/2015$1750.00
CWI-DAY 2015V 02/09/201503/09/2015Mon-Sat 7 AM to 3 PM03/20/201503/21/2015$1750.00
CWI-DAY 2015J 03/23/201504/13/2015 Mon-Sat 7 AM to 3 PM 04/24/201505/02/2015$1750.00
CWI-DAY 2015L 04/06/201504/04/2015Mon-Sat 7 AM to 3 PM05/15/201505/16/2015$1750.00
CWI-DAY 2015M 05/18/201506/15/2015Mon-Sat 7 AM to 3 PM06/26/201506/27/2015$1750.00
CWI-DAY 2015M 06/22/201507/20/2015Mon-Sat 7 AM to 3 PM07/31/201508/01/2015$1750.00
CWI-DAY 2015M 08/10/201508/03/2015Mon-Sat 7 AM to 3 PM08/14/201509/19/2015$1750.00
CWI-DAY 2015H 09/21/201510/19/2015Mon-Sat 7 AM to 3 PM10/30/201510/31/2015$1750.00
CWI-DAY 2015M 11/09/201512/07/2015Mon-Sat 7 AM to 3 PM12/18/201512/19$1750.00

**-Indicates tentative date. 



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